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High Efficacy led strips

A step forward in quality and innovation

Flexible strips have always been the most characteristic product of our company. They have been a very important part of our catalogue for more than 15 years, constantly incorporating the most relevant new features.

The peace of technological development and progress, as well as changes in regulation, have led us to reconsider the need to completely restructure and transform our portfolio of LED strips in order to adapt to current market trends and to be able to better meet customer needs.

This restructuring has resulted in a completely renewed catalogue of flexible strips, which aims to be at the forefront of the national and international market in terms of variety of options, quality and innovation.

This transformation has also affected its structure. In order to make it easier for our customers to choose the most suitable model for each project, we have organised our strips into 5 general groups according to their particular features and uses.

General features of each family


Composed of the most demanded models. We have made a strong commitment to improve their technical, electrical and optical features. These strips stand out for their high efficiency, achieving high yields with low power.


Formed by a new extract of models with full spectrum colour rendering (CRI>90/>95), specially designed for applications where photochromatic response is crucial.


The Basic series is composed of those led strips families that are able to offer standard performance at a lower cost. Specially designed for applications where the requirements are not so high.


This series includes those models with some special characteristics that differentiate them from the rest of the usual flexible strips. They are designed to cover very specific technical needs.


This group includes all those models of flexible strips that allow us to offer high quality, personalised coloured lighting.

Whatever the family of strips that best suits your needs, we remind you that our “Fit and Go” service is avaliable so that installation times are reduced to the maximum and all welding and sealing meets our quality standards. Faster and better.

Going deeper into the High Efficacy family

At Tecsoled we have always kept in mind that high quality lighting depends on application requirements and that these are becoming more demanding day by day. For this reason, products must meet high quality standards that have a professional, precise and on-going study basis.

These are some of the distinguishing features of the High Efficacy series:

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The evolution of LED technology has made it possible to develop LEDs capable of emitting a third more light with the same energy consumption. This means being able to illuminate spaces with a third less power or achieve higher fluxes with the same power. For example: Lighting the perimeter of an 8x4m office with the new technology saves almost 90 watts of energy but also allows smaller, lower cost power supplies to be used.

The new labelling is stricter and at the beginning the A category will be empty, while very few products will get a B or C rating. This has been done to leave room for improvement in the coming years. The scales will not be revised until 30% of the products on the EU market obtain the highest classification, which is currently empty.

The HIGH EFFICACY line has been designed on the basis of much higher standards than the basic market offer.

Greater Adaptability

The High Efficacy series has strips with mínimum cuttable length of no more than 50mm and reduced dimensions, which will make it much easier to adapt to narrow profiles. In the same way, the commitment to high densities allows a better product design with lower profiles, which translates into good aesthetics without economic increase and with no visible dots marking.

Longer lifetime and lower depreciation

High Efficacy LED strips have had an increase in the variety of models that have protection against humidity by means of the silicone co-extrusion process, which translates into more resistant and stable products with a longer lifespan and no changes in light emission. In addition, the aforementioned high densities also enhale the reduction of the intensity that each component must withstand, which lengthens its life and light maintenance while reducing its failure rate significantly.

Whenever we talk about increasing the useful life of a product or its failure rate, we are not referring to a particular way of quantifying this data. Tecsoled uses the LM-80 method and the TM-21 projection for measuring the lumen maintenance of LED light sources. Under this standard, adopted globally by the industry, the results obtained for the strips that make up the High Efficacy family allow us to guarantee a minimum of 80% of the brightness of the LED for 50,000 hours*** (L80B10), placing this series of strips well above the result considered typical in the market.

Wide CCT range

Beyond the need to illuminate a space, it is important to understand the influence that light can have on people’s mood and visual comfort. The renewal of our LED strip models has not set aside this detail. High Efficacy strips are able to offer a wide range of colour temperatures from 1800K to 6000K allowing designers to illuminate areas as required and to choose between the desired warmth or coolness.

New general catalogue now available

Get Ready is now available in the Catalogues section of our website. You can download the publication to your device or view it online in our interactive viewer. In addition, each section of the catalogue is available separately so that you can view only those parts that interest you.

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