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Furniture Sensors

The new sensors for opening doors and drawers are the simplest way to illuminate the inside of the furniture. A soft light comes on when you open the cupboard or access the drawer. They are the perfect tool for controlling consumption thanks to instant switching off.

Tecsoled is committed to a new concept of minimalist lighting, which uses very narrow profiles and strips that are optimally integrated with the furniture. The sensors, integrated into the profiles and embedded in the furniture, are the perfect complement to a lighting style that is as simple as it is useful.

As the sensors operate on 12V and 24V, we can use one power supply for the entire piece of furniture instead of one power supply for each sensors, reducing the cost and space required.

Single and double door opening sensors.

Recessed sensor in furniture.

The TSL SW002 and TSL SW003 sensors are installed where the doors rest when they are closed, with a hole 11 mm in diameter.

By means of internal wiring (10 mm hole), the sensors communicate with a control unit that distributes, controls and powers the luminaire. Thanks to this, we can choose any type of luminaire, no matter the size or location in the furniture. They have a standard white finish, but can be ordered in a black finish on request. It can withstand a maximum current of 4 A.

Drawer/door opening sensor.

Sensor integrated in profile.

The TSL SW001 sensor is integrated into profiles with sufficient width and height to house it inside. Thanks to the infrared detector on the side, it allows the profile to be installed directly in the furniture, without other types of receivers that need to be hidden.

It is activated when there is a distance of 10cm to the object.

The sensor occupies a part of the light surface, causing shadow, so it is suitable for applications where the luminaire is hidden.

It can withstand a maximum current of 8 A.

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